Jenny VS Brave

For my Gold D of E I decided to do film reviews for my skills section. I've decided to at least every week review a film which I've watched this year seeing as I'm listing every film I've watched in 2013. I am actually watching Pixar's Brave at this minute and it's one of my favourite Disney films so I've decided to review this one first.

Brave's set in the Scottish Highland where Princess Merida refuses to take place in an age old tradition where three clans first born sons try to compete for her hand. To try and change her mothers mind about the marriage she follows the Will-O'-The-Wisps which leads her to a witch posing as a woodcarver and in exchange for buying all of her woodcarvings and a necklace gets a spell that she hopes will 'change her fate' but instead changes her mum into a bear. They later return to the witch's deserted cottage to find that they must 'mend the bond torn by pride' and if not done before the second sun rise the spell will become permanent. Brave isn't the 'classic' Disney film where the Princess finds her Prince and lives happily ever after but I love it's plot lines and it's definitely a family film suitable for all ages. The animation is spectacular; the hair especially is done amazingly. The soundtrack is also probably one of my favourites.

Learn Me Right- Mumford & Sons ft. Birdy

" If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?"

My dad on Brave
it's set in Scotland so that's why the have Scottish accents

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