Jenny VS The Bothersome Man

My dad (again) advised I saw this film, he got it for Christmas from some aunt and said it was worth watching. This isn't really the sort of film I would go for if I had the choice, it's a bit peculiar and with some hidden depth to it but it is genuinely a good film (it's just not to my taste).

It's a Norwegian film from 2006 about a man; Andreas who finds himself in a seemingly "ideal" world having a nice house with a girlfriend and job but with no memory of how he got there. TBM has very few speaking lines (which do have English subtitles) and I think would be considered more of a "mood piece" which you have to figure out what it means for yourself. Andreas eventually gets tired of his new lifestyle and tries to escape.

TBM is filmed really well and has a really cold, bland feel which I think is needed to represent the film, the buildings, furniture (think Ikea) and colours all fit in really well. Worth a watch.

My dad on the bothersome man 
—"it's really like Ikea"


Hey guys, just to let you know that my posts are going to become less frequent, I've got my exams coming up; re-sits and my AS levels and I've got my OU course starting next week which goes on until September, that I have to give 4 hours a day on (which is recommended if I do or not well...) also work experience and general stuff that I have to sort out. I will try to occasionally post some reviews if I have any free time. Happy Easter by the way!!

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